About Carat Vice

Debbie Haller

Founder of Carat Vice

Debbie Haller, the founder of Carat Vice, is a Brazilian-Swiss Graduate Gemologist, Jewelry Designer, Graduate Pearls, Applied Jewelry Professional through the Gemological Institute of America, and a prior GIA staff diamond grader.

With a degree in Communications and Advertising as well as a vice for jewelry, she felt she needed a place where she could engage, learn and share exciting new jewelry with unearthed fashion. That’s how CARAT VICE was born!

We believe Carat Vice is a place for jewelry democratization to instigate and satiate the hunger of carat lovers. With a global eye for design and photography, she picks her jewelry and shares her genuine experiences. Let Carat Vice allure you to new jewelry and pieces you simply can’t live without.

P.S. We will work for diamonds.